Live at the Vortex, March 2013

  • The Vortex Jazz Club (photo:Ped Leung)
  • The audience arriving (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Violin and viola (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Darbucka and Oud (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Guitar (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Patricia de Mayo, vocals, oud, percussion (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Paressa Daniilidou, vocals, accordion (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Duygu Çamurcuoğlu, vocals, percussion (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Mutsumi, violin and viola (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Jeremy Halliwell, guitar (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Phil Wain, bass (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Seppi Pogadl, percussion (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Phil and Seppi (photo:Ped Leung)
  • Patricia dances (photo:Ped Leung)
  • View from the back (photo:Ped Leung)
  • The sound engineers (photo:Ped Leung)
  • The audience (photo:Ped Leung)
  • The end of the show (photo:Ped Leung)

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